From not buying so much meat and using beans and TVP instead I spent 196$ for a month worth of food with to many snack for DH lol. I am very happy.

Todays sermon was very lovely the whole theme of the service was about thanks giving. The hims were nice and the readings really hit home. Especially since we are a one income family and have had some hard times.

That's it for now.

God Bless.
How fitting that we had a fire call today. I think every fire fighter out there still hurts from this. I know my station does. We were put on stand by that day and our Chief went up. He still tells the stories. I know it effected every one but I think the fire fighters across the country were some that took it and still take it the hardest. I still pray for their souls. I think I always will.

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Many parent's are keeping their kids from watching the upcoming speech in school and I DON'T blame them! Some schools aren't even letting the parents have a choice and that aggravates me even more!

"But some parents won't be allowed to "opt-out" their kids everywhere. At least one school district, Tempe Elementary School District No. 3 in Arizona, is not permitting parents to pull their children out of class during Obama's speech."

How can a school district tell parents "your child is going to watch this and you don't have a choice" and people wonder why I am going to home school.

Another thing that I don't find kosher is this.

" lesson plans, for students in pre-kindergarten through grade 6, which suggested that students write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president." Another assignment for students after hearing the speech was to discuss what "the president wants us to do."

This is supposed to be a speech about education? This to me sounds like something else, something that I would not want my child exposed to.

How does every one else feel?

Are expecting again I am so happy for them! I will also let God decide how many children we will have and raise them in the name of the lord!

In other thoughts I have come to realize I need to spend some time reading my bible hoping to calm this nagging disobedience that I have when it comes to certain things regarding my husband. There was an issue today and I relaize now I should be more respectful. And I plan to from now on.